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Written Things

Ideas, thoughts, and updates from HIFI Press.


Night of the Living Deadlines


“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”

― Douglas Adams

I haven’t posted a goddamn word to this blog in 2018. This year has turned out to be a mad rush to get The Joint of No Return published. As I missed one deadline after another, nearly everything else in my life had to take a seat on the sidelines. This blog was first to get benched.

But hey, I’m back!

The first hard deadline I set for myself was Feb 1st. That was around the time I discovered the book Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Brown & Dave King. Besides reserving a permanent slot on my Kindle, it showed me that the book I’d finished writing was in fact NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING FINISHED.

Fuck me, right?!


So rather than publish a turd on time, I opted to let the Feb 1st deadline whoosh by. I work in software, so I have extensive experience watching deadlines laugh as they pass me by.

I kicked myself in the ass, grabbed a second (and incredibly talented) editor, and started again at page 1.

No, actually, I started before page 1. After a riveting conversation with my 8yr old about how the first and last chapters of a book she’d read had captivated her, I knew I needed a better hook to kick the series off. So wrote two new chapters–one at the start of the book, and one at the end. Then, after finishing those, I got to work editing the entire book ONE MORE TIME.

The next deadline I set for myself was March 7th. My editor and I spent countless hours agonizing over the the book for the ninth time. Yes, you read that correctly, I rewrote the goddamn book NINE TIMES. I now understand why I’ve heard other writers say that once their book is published they never want to read it again.

And what did I get for that hustle? Well, I got to watch another deadline pass by!

March 7th came and went, and the book still wasn’t ready. I had to redo some final touches on the cover design with my cover designer. I had to do all the ebook formatting, marketing, beta reader group organization, launch prep. There was an undead list of tasks that relentlessly crept up on me. Just as I slaughtered one task, ten more would appear on the horizon, moaning and grasping for my brain.

I battled obstacle after obstacle. I scrounged every spare moment I could find to push the goddamn, sonofabitch, infuriating book forward to publication.  Finally, after a maddening three weeks, I published The Joint of No Return on Amazon on April 1st!

I couldn’t have done it without my beloved editor (& wife), my kids, my friends, lots of books, cheesy motivational youtube videos, Mark Dawson, David Gaughran, and lots of other people and things that I can’t remember right now.

So what’s next? Other than obsessing over the Amazon’s KDP Sales Dashboard, I’m starting the final rewrite of books 2 & 3 in the The Far Out Chronicles. I plan on pushing them towards publication as fast as I can.

For now, you can grab The Joint of No Return (The Far Out Chronicles #1) for FREE on Amazon until 4/25:


front 2560x1600.jpg

Ok, enough rambling… time to get back to work!


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