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Written Things

Updates, ideas, and thoughts from HIFI Press.

Written Things

Ideas, thoughts, and updates from HIFI Press.


Greetings from HIFI Press!


Welcome to Written Things, the shiny, new, official HIFI Press blog!

Since this is the obligatory first post required by any blog worth its weight in words, I suppose the best way to kick things off is to inform you about the company and the purpose of the blog. I'll try to be brief, as I know there are a million other sites calling for your attention right now. Let them wait! All that stuff will be there when you're done here.

A Brief History of HIFI Press

HIFI Press is a publishing company founded by me, Tom Sadira, in 2017. After writing a few books I realized there might be a few similarly-maladjusted individuals out there who would enjoy them. I suddenly wanted to get the stories out of my head and into as many other heads as possible. I knew that if I played my cards right I could even make a living out of it. Hallelujah! A dream come true. 

I've never been comfortable with betting my future on the whims of assholes. I knew that the traditional path of "making it" as a published author would require subjecting myself to years of agony, rejection, and bondage that comes with trying to get "picked up" by a big publisher. I prefer to pick myself up. I prefer to make my own future. So I looked for alternatives. After a fleeting moment of serious consideration, I decided that self publishing was the way for me.  

I started putting together the people and systems needed to get my books edited, published, marketed, etc. Shortly after I started building, I realized two things:

  1. that what I was building could be used to publish any book.
  2. that I knew plenty of talented writers, artists, poets who could benefit from what I was building.

I started off by building a single-use raft, but realized that I was actually building a boat that could carry other people with me.

OMG, WTF?! I was building a publishing company. 

Oh great, another blog.

At this point you may be asking, "But why blog about it? Aren't there enough pointless blogs filling up the internets with their bullshit?!"

My answer is, "Of course there are. And now there's one more."

Blogging is something all legitimate authors and companies do in 2017, right? We must connect with our audience! Engage our fans! Convince them we're human (a strategy taken right out of the Reptilian playbook).

A blog is absolutely critical if the goal is to sell more than a handful of books. I heard all about it from the successful self-published authors who somehow produce 5 blog posts and 2 videos per week in addition to working on their literary masterpieces. 

Do I believe them? I guess. They've sold more books than I have. It's worth a shot.

This much is true: HIFI Press is an online business, and all online businesses crave that sweet, glorious nectar of success known as SEO! We need a place to put a shitload of words so that the Great Google A.I. can scan those words for keywords, and then BAM! Tens of thousands of readers will magically show up on our doorstep. That's how the internet works, right?

All jokes aside, I suppose that a blog is a good place to promote upcoming books. To meet and chat with cool people. Like you. If you're reading this, you're one of the coolest people on Earth. Yes, you are. Drop the false modesty. You know you.

Check back weekly for more short rambling articles, absurd haiku, and the occasional book promotion. 

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Leave me a comment below, or email me at tom@hifipressbooks.com, if you have words you think I should read.



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