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Updates, ideas, and thoughts from HIFI Press.

Written Things

Ideas, thoughts, and updates from HIFI Press.


2018: Year of the Ha!ku

Ha!ku: A Heap of Humorous Haiku

This is the first post that revolves around a book we're publishing in 2018 called Hai!ku: A Heap of Humorous Haiku. The book is a collection of the most immature, irreverent, and absurd haiku to ever be published. Sample topics include: poo, urination, painful accidents, puns, barf, poo, hopelessness, pimples, farts, forgetfulness, frustration, and poo. If the poems don't at least cause you to roll your eyes then I've failed miserably. 

In order to help hype the book and get some feedback on the poems, I'll be posting select haiku on Written Things on a weekly basis. I'll also be posting them to an Instagram account, so you can also follow the nonsense at https://www.instagram.com/haikuhumor/.

Hope you like them. Here's today's haiku:

Tom Sadira